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About Me

Hi, my name is Daly Tekam, I'm a Sofware Developer. I enjoy working on projects with HTML, CSS, Java and Javascript. I'm also familiar with Test Driven Development, responsive web design,the use of APIs and frameworks such as Bootstrap, materialize css, Jquery and many others to achieve some projects that require them. I've been working in the industry a while. I am highly adaptable and driven by learning. If there is a problem, I seek ways to fix it. Whether it takes learn a framework or picking up a lesson. I’ve grown to embrace the challenges that software Development can bring so far. This website is handcoded. I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually improving my skills.

My Tech Skills


My Projects

Blog Post Web Application

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This application provides bloggers a platform to let the entire World know about theirs Blog Posts. As it, anyone can create a new Post, add some Tags and categories and push it to make available for reading. It's also possible to create Categories and Tags. settings. Technologies used: Java, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate, ThymeLeaf, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, Object Oriented programming, MVC, H2 database.

Inventory Manager Application


This application is intended to help small businesses to track ther inventory. Basically the user can add new items, search through them, modify them and delete them. It is permission-based. Hence only a user with the role ADMIN can add,edit,or delete a Item. The user with the role USER can only see the Products and perform some search. To try it, you can use: login: "daly" password: "tekam" for a User role. login: "admin" password: "tekam" for an Admin role. Technologies used: JAVA, JPA, Hibernate, MVC, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL

Weather Web Application


The main purpose of this project was to provide the user with the current weather as well as the forecast for five days, according to their search. To achieve that, I've used the Openweathermap API to get the data, treat them and display them in a comprehensive manner to the user. Some tools I used to make this App include: the local storage to save the users' settings. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ES6, JSON, API SCSS.

Random Quotes Generator


This application display randomly and in regular interval series of Quotes along with Authors and Hashtags associeted. The user can also click the button inside the app to directly get another quote. You can try the App by clicking the Try App button below. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ES6.

Google Clone


This web page is a google website clone. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3.

Fast Typing Application


As the Name suggest, This App is a test for the typing spped of the user. Words are randomly generated and the user has to type them before the end of countdown. The score is tracked as well, Is a small cute App to play with. Technologies used: Angular 7, Bootstrap.

Hospital Manager App


As the manager of the Hospital, the user can oversee the blood draw, the care provides, the cleaning of the hospital, hire new Doctors, Janitor, Nurse and more... by giving the order to the staff. It is a Console App with a Menu list for the Differents possible actions. Technologies used: Java, OOP.

Our ESL Classroom


An app that provides valuable information about the students’ classroom progress and allows teachers and parents to directly communicate with one another, all in the preferred language of each user. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS 3, Flexbox, CSS Grid, JSON, Javascript, Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Agile, AJAX

To Do List Application


This App can help you to have a Todo list, so you can create tasks, mark them as done, delete them. There is also a dynamic filter system. The App will save your tasks as well so that you can manage the whenever you want. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Local storage.

Countries ID Application


Want to know everything about a particular Country, this App is the right solution. the user can browse a specific country among all the world Countries and have all the data about the population, the area, the capital of that Country and more... Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, API.

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